5/22/2013 - Version 1.2 is out and on the download page. There are update instruction for those already using the script, as well as the standard setup instructions. Please continue to email me with suggestions or problems. Below is a list of updates made:

  1. Script now up-to-date with PHP 5.4. (the login script was out of date).
  2. Html tags are allowed in comments
  3. Images added for the next month and previous month buttons.

NOTE: In the update, the script is now UTF-8 encoded, BUT I'm hitting a problem because IFrames don't seem to handle UTF-8 characters right. If you can think of a better and still user-friendly way to put the calendar on a web page such that an IFrame is not needed, let me know please.

5/11/2013 - Script update coming within the next week or two, at most. Also, the comments script is currently not working, so please ignore that and just send any comments or bug reports via email. Thank you!

Once upon a time, I was on a hunt for a good calendar script. However, all the ones I found seemed overly complex or expensive; so I broke down and developed my own simple, no-nonsense script. Over the past year, I've been slowly enhancing it, adding features as I needed them, until it hit the point that it's at now. It's written with PHP, MySQL, and Javascript, and intended to be easy to setup and use. There’s a back end, password protected update area which allows the user to add/update/delete events and alter the appearance of the calendar through HTML forms. As I'm looking to continue to improve it, I will welcome any comments or suggestions. It's currently free for individual and nonprofit use. To see an example of this script in action on another site, click here.