Setup Instructions -

There are a few steps you have to follow to get this script setup after you download the folder:

  1. Create a MySQL Database(name, username, password) and get the name of your server/host.
  2. Open login.php in a text editor and input the database username, password, database name, and server name into the login.php file. (It's clearly marked where to put each value).
  3. Upload the setup_database.sql file into your PHPMyAdmin/MySQL database.
  4. Upload the 'calendarscript' folder onto the top level of your website.
  5. Go to register.php in your browser. If you uploaded your script to the right place, the URL for register.php should be:
    Create a User/Password for the update area.This page will automatically be deleted once you successfully create your login and will forward you straight to the login page of the Update Zone.
  6. Paste the below IFrame code into whichever page you desire the calendar to be on. Please keep the copyright in tact. Once you've customized your calendar in the update zone, edit the width and height values in the IFrame code to fit your calendar.

Update Instructions -

For all those who are updating from the previous version, after you download

  1. Upload the update_database.sql to your database.
  2. Upload the new files inside of the calendarscript folder to your website. Existing files should be overwritten. NOTE: user_variables.txt and login.php NOT included. Therefore, you will NOT need to reinput your database information into login.php nor will you have to redo your calendar styles in the update zone because these two files are not included in the update, so that yours will not be overwritten.
  3. Go to register.php in your browser and recreate a username. Due to the login script being brand new, the table was dropped and recreated as well so your original user account will be gone.